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Mrs. Vore
May 7, 2013
Honors Language 10
YOLO Live, Learn, Laugh, Love Without a doubt in my life I have sinned, I have committed crimes some say. I have done wrong and yet I could still hold a smile on my face. I am a kid after all I’m going to make mistakes until I learn from them. Every teen can relate to the mistakes and problems I face on a day to day basis. I being a teen don’t help the matter of fact that I have so much to learn while going through the crucial years of becoming an adult.
I have done things, yes some regrettable and some I am happy that I did. As a teen though I used to live for the moment and wouldn’t think about what was next in life. Me, my cousins and some friends that we treated like family would go out and chill. We’d meet up with some others at a park late in the evening and shoot a couple of hoops, skate a little bit, and listen to our music loud at “the park”. When the sun was settling and the weather was just right in the summer time, we’d hit the usual spots like the skating rinks, the dance floors to some all age events and sometimes go swimming at someone’s house that consisted of lots of people. What can I say, I loved to get out, and I was out all of the time having a blast. It felt as if I was in the fast lane, meeting new people, and finishing off every night crashing at someone’s house.
There were always those teens who would diss on me and my friends and family. They wanted what we had, happiness, and the value of freedom to do whatever and hit summer up to its fullest value. Those teens that would start stuff because they were jealous and mad because they couldn’t get the number one thing they really wanted, a girl. Now I’ve always followed my dad’s advice to always never fight over a girl because it wasn’t worth it. So I never did, although there have been close calls to fight over a woman, but it was funny whenever the girl just told the other guy straight up he’s ugly! So how does this all tie into what I’ve been talking about? Well believe it or not, it is my idol Ponyboy Curtis!
Ponyboy Curtis was a fifteen year old boy during a time where there was rivalry between the Soc’s and Greasers. The Greasers were the low income kids where they were usually less fortunate but still knew how to have fun and slicked their hair back with grease, hence the nickname “Greasers”. The Soc’s where the prep and rich kids that would start fights with the Greasers. Ponyboy’s parents died while he was at an early age, he lived with his brothers Darry and SodaPop. Ponyboy was very intelligent in school but lacked common sense on the streets.