Connected Data Fuels Partner Success In The White Hot File Sync And Share Market With Excelerate Partner Program Essay examples

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Connected Data Fuels Partner Success in the White-Hot File Sync and Share Market with Excelerate Partner Program
Connected Data Expansive Partner Program Delivers Aggressive Pricing Model, Motivating
SPIFFS, and Extensive Array of Marketing and Sales Support for Innovative Transporter
Private Cloud Storage Appliance Family
SANTA CLARA, Calif, May 05, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Connected Data today announced its Excelerate Partner Program. Designed to fuel partner success in the “whitehot” file sync and share market with the innovative Transporter family of private cloud storage appliances, the Excelerate Partner Program offers an aggressive pricing model, motivating
SPIFFS and an extensive array of sales and marketing resources. As a member of the
Connected Data Excelerate Partner Program, VARs, VADs, System Integrators and Service
Providers can deliver the cloud experience with the privacy and security controls today’s businesses demand while quickly building a solid recurring revenue stream.

“The Excelerate Partner Program has been designed from the ground up to give our partners everything they need to quickly drive new revenue opportunities and capitalize on the explosive demand for secure file sync and share solutions,” said Russ Johnson, COO,
Connected Data. “With a 20 percent plus protected margin for Gold-level partners, we’ve designed a program where partners can quickly benefit from a recurring revenue stream while giving them the opportunity to broaden their footprint into existing customers and easily land new ones, with a ‘sticky’ solution that is seamless to manage and support.”

The market for file sync and share (FSS) solutions has exponential growth opportunity.
International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that the FSS market will grow at a 23.1% fiveyear compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2018 to $2.3 billion. The healthy growth rate through 2018 will continue to be driven by the shift to cloud, mobile use of FSS, and the ability to share and collaborate with others effectively.

Connected Data’s Transporter solution is uniquely positioned to serve this growing market with its Transporter family of private cloud appliances. Free from the risk and cost of cloudbased solutions, Transporter appliances keep data safe and secure within the company’s own firewall while eliminating the expense of cloud subscription fees. The resulting solution is

more secure, private and higher performing than cloud-based file sharing services while offering enterprise-class redundancy and seamless failover for optimal reliability.

Focused on growing its global footprint and rapid expansion for its leading Transporter private cloud file sync and share technology, Connected Data is delivering a disruptive pricing model.
The company offers flexible payment terms for channel partners and customers and, unlike cloud-based solutions, there are never any per-user fees.

“To purchase 10TBs on Google Drive as an example is currently $100 per month. That’s
$1,440 per year or $4,320 over the three year minimum which we’d expect a storage system to last,” said George Crump in the Storage Switzerland report, Test Drive: Can Businesses
Replace Dropbox with Connected Data’s Transporter. “The list price on the 8TB T15 that we are using is $2,499, a savings of almost $2,000; plus, it is private.”

Partners that become members of the Connected Data Excelerate Partner Program can benefit from a rapid increase in sales revenue and margins. With Transporter’s compelling pricing and innovative design, it’s simple for budget approvals. For program members,
Connected Data offers NFR pricing of 45 percent off MSRP and supports partner customers with a 30-day free trial offer, so that end users can