Connecting Jane Eyre with other things Essay

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The book Jane Eyre, at this point in the story is like the book Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin. The greatest thing in common these two novels share is a similar time period. Because they share the same time period, it is a fact that both girls will be thinking under the same influences. These 19th and 18th century influences affect every aspect in the book: conflicts, apparel, behavior, expectations, decisions and judgments. The young girl Elizabeth is at a time in her life where no one can really affect her decisions, just like Jane. However, just because people are not influencing their decisions, it does not mean that societal norms are not being taken into account. Both characters respect the basis of these norms, but do not go ahead to follow all of them. Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennet also are well-educated young women trying to find their way around the world. Luckily, for Elizabeth she found a charming Mr. Darcy, while Jane, at this point in the novel, is still fighting her inner and outer battles. The book Jane Eyre was written during the Victorian era in Northern England during the early 1800s. However, the book was published in 1847 (some say 1846). The Victorian period brought many changes across the British society, and writers like Brontë explored its good and bad times. The middle class found good opportunities, while the new laboring class struggled for wages, job security, and healthy working and living conditions. Some of these reforms came for women, who had limited status in Victorian society. Also during this era, the most popular type of literature were novels. Knowing this information about the period is helpful because it puts you in the character’s point-of-view. This