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Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck, 1937

Compare “To a mouse” by Robert Burns, November 1785

The title “Of Mice and Men”, portrays from line 39 of “To a Mouse”

Lennie Small
George Milton
Curley’s Wife
The Boss
Aunt Clara

In-depth of Major Characters:
Lennie Small: “Small” don’t be fooled by that! Lennie is a big, innocent and bumbling; however because of his psychological disability, he always has to depend on George for any supervision. Lennie and George share similar dreams such as building their own farm, but due to Lennie’s love for little things like little animals and people’s hair, it leads him in to a big trouble.

George Milton: George Milton is a farm worker who is small, strong and take cares of Lennie although at times he thinks life would be a lot more fun without responsibilities, he is still loyal to Lennie all the times. George is constantly trying to achieve and reach Lennie and his self to their dreams.

Candy: Candy is aging farm handyman who is fearing of his future on the farm because he is aging and has lost his hand in an accident so for that reason he snatch on George and Lennie farm they will be having. This is only possible though if Candy gives his life time savings to them, he can join in owning the land of George and Lennie’s farm. Curley’s Wife: Curley’s Wife has not been given any name, but always mentioning in declared to her husband and the only female introduced in this novel. She is dressed in fancy dresses with makeup and feathered cherry red colour shoes which is why men at the farm call he names out such as “tart” and “tramp”.

Crooks: Crooks the black guy who is a harsh, funny, and arrogant; however he is always out-of-the-way from other men’s in this novel just because of his skin colour. Even after that Crooks always manage to be affectionate to Lennie. Crooks dream is buying own land, but since his dream cannot be fulfilled he decided to ask Lennie if he can come along and tidy in their farm.

Foreshadowing: Lennie’s death
When Carlson shoots Candy’s ancient dog in the back head, the fortune of Candy’s dog is supposes to act as a mercy which foreshadows Lennie’s death. Symbols:
Curley’s wife- she symbolizes female sexuality and that women’s are only better off just for prostitution in a male-dominated society

Of Mice and Men is an Equivalent amount of friendship, integrity, women and femininity
Lennie and George friendship is a strong bond which gives a sense of sensation, hearty, and warmth
Justice is made by their own rules among their beliefs, disappointments, or sometime even their cleverness.
In this novel, “Of Mice and Men” women’s are revealed to be the trouble maker
Women’s are regard as a sexual object – better off for prostitutes
For example: Curley’s Wife is there to be sexual object but at the end all she can do is