Connection Between Poverty and Obesity Essay examples

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Connection between poverty and obesity
Author (Reggie L. Brown)

Professor (Jennifer James)
Devry University
4 December 2011
First Draft

Connection between poverty and obesity It is said that obesity can be caused by not knowing how to combat and prevent this common disease before it begins in poverty stricken areas. Additionally the availability of nutritious food choices and the means to have safe active life style are not available to those who suffer from poverty due to financial and educational disadvantages. Obesity is not just a class problem, but financially disadvantaged people that lack access to quality food will inevitably turn to high calorie processed foods that will stretch their food dollar.
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Inadequate amounts of sleep have also been physiologically linked to heavier weight, operating through hormonal mechanisms. Therefore the enforcement of a curfew and adequate sleep during adolescence is expected to reduce the likelihood of experiencing obesity during the transition to adulthood. Family structures are also associated with both poverty and obesity. Poor families also tend to live in poor neighborhoods. It suggests that obesity threatens the immediate health of children and their prospects of growing up healthy into adulthood. Additionally, obesity has doubled among young children in the United States within the past 30 years. Additionally, because obesity among children and youth are also rapidly increasing, this causes an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and social and psychological consequences including low self-esteem and depression.
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