Connection not lost with Puritans today Essay

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Connection not lost with Puritans today

People who voice their beliefs and knowledge in hope that people will listen and follow their beliefs as well. My question would be, “How much is today’s society influenced by Puritan beliefs?” Marriage was taken very serious by the Puritans, and today some people still view as the ultimate unity and companionship. Education is another aspect of the Puritans still alive today. They believed that spiritual gain was more important than the monitories. In today society we still have modern day Puritans are fighting abortion, and want it to be illegal. They laid ideas that still live today as foundations of this country. Many of our laws today are based on the puritan way of the beginning. Some of those laws would be education, same sex unions, and marriage. Marriage is a unity that is considered to be between a man and a woman. America was founded on family oriented standards. Today many still get married for the same reasons that the puritans did yesterday. Some of the reasons would companionship and procreation. Like the puritans we take adultery serious. It is obvious that today they don’t stone them to death, but it is indeed viewed morally wrong. If there are joint materials involve, then the law will have to take care of it, but that’s about it. Adultery can have a punishment such as a heavy fine if there’s a divorce involve. The puritans believed in a good wife, and condemned the evil wife. This was the base of the puritan foundation which has dribbled down to modern times. In today’s America, education is the key to success. It is also the key to prosperity and to a better chance to opulence. This can be related to the puritan belief that reading the bible was necessary to be a good successful person. Puritans believe that following the word of God was a way of living. It was way to be happy, so that believe established the educational system that is still used in schools all around the country. Children need to get an educated so that they have a better chance of getting a good paying job that can lead them to a good lifestyle, “the American lifestyle”. Puritans believe in having a job, and to be productive and efficient s well. All of this leads to American great work ethic. Good work ethic is leaked to efficiency and proficiency. Puritans today are known as being financially stable, and we can tie that to America because hence the fact is that America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world today. There can be a debt problem going on, but the fact is that even with that the country is better off than most countries. Puritans believe that sexuality is a sacred act between a man and a woman. This still holds true for many Americans today. Same sex unions are something that is condemned by Americans and is viewed as going against God’s will. Today many homosexuals in America are fighting for equality rights. They are fighting for the right to get married and to be able to adopt children at the same time. While all of this is going on modern day puritans are fighting back at them. They believe that on the eyes of the lord this is viewed wrong. In the past homosexuality was punished by either jail or even death. Of course, it is punished in this way today, but it is still denied by Americans today none the less. Even though homosexuality is not punished in any way today, Americans have taken punishment into their own hands. There are many cases where people who are against homosexuals insult, ridicule, bully, and in some cases even murder them. In the case of the state of Texas, it is still holding off on the decision of and if same sex unions should be legal or not. Puritans today stay strong in the believe