Connections: Family and Better Young Man Essay examples

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1) The first connection I made between the book and the media of the real world is how the media can cause chaos and blow certain things out of proportion. For example, after David was not found guilty of murdering his girlfriend because it was on accident, the media influence on society caused so much drama and chaos about the whole situation; he had to move to his aunt and uncle house to finish school. Just like how the media called Rob Gronkowski, receiver for the New England Patriots, an irresponsible party boy after he was seen partying 3 days in a row after taking a break after a recent injury to his fore arm.
2) Another connection that I made is how society can keep you down and always make you remember your past mistakes when you are trying to move on with your life. David had to face this every day after the trial, people recognizing him and quickly making judgment about the type of person he is because of his past mistake. In the same way of how some gang members try to move on with their life’s after the gang life is over for them but it is hard to do that when people realize they made a mistake being in a gang and holds them to that mistake , not allowing them to move on from it. 3) Family was a big part of this book and the connection that I found between my family and David family is although there will some ups and downs, family will always be there for you no matter what. For example how David uncle, Vic, took David in to help escape all the chaos even so his marriage was falling apart and his wife, Julia, didn’t really like David at first. Same thing goes with my family. When I was