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1. Scarcity (pg 225)- Consumer Behaviour Canadian Edition

2. Scarcity is when something is perceived to have more value at a state when it is not available in abundance, rather is at a shortage. This item automatically is sought a lot more, and it can cause distress amongst those experiencing the shortage. It can be anything from a necessity of life, to a mere desire than one may be come across. It usually comes with a negative connotation and can greatly affect the way an individual lives his or her life until the item is no longer scarce.

3. When it comes to scarcity, the number one problem that the world faces today is that of hunger. Many parts around the world are facing famine and nobody is able to find a sustainable cure that can even attempt to heal this problem. Therefore as a Muslim, an integral part of my responsibility is to put myself in the shoes of those who are so unfortunate in this world, and not consume any food or drink from dusk until dawn, for the entire month of Ramadan. This past Ramadan, I fasted a total of 26 times out of 29 possible days, which happens to be a personal best on my part. It was a really tough season, and there were days where I was literally feeling all my energy drain throughout the entire day, and was anxiously waiting for sundown. At the end of the month, I was extremely glad that I had participated in keeping a good amount of fasts. Scarcity of food is in fact a scary thought and in some places in the world is a reality. Therefore I am willing to replicate this scarcity, and truly consider what its like to be on the other end of the most important necessity in life.

Disclaimer: Although I mention the lack of provisions in my previous post, since my largest expenditure/consumption is in fact on food, the following post may reflect a different approach.

1. Buzz (pg 231)

2. Buzz is the spread of word about a certain product or service that is considered as a dependable and genuine source based on past experience. Spawned by consumers themselves, buzz usually prompts an individual to experience the product or service for themselves. The resulting action leads them to continue to spread the buzz, because they have confirmed it to be legitimate.

3. McDonalds is one of my favourite fast food restaurants of all time. One day I saw a