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Be safe!
An introductory guide to health and safety

June 2010
For individuals who are learning about health and safety

Be safe! 2010

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What this document is all about


Learner Entitlement


Stage one
The Working Environment




Stage two
Initial Assessment


Stage three
Learning Plan


Stage four


Stage five
Information, Instruction and Training


Stage six


What Happens if I have an Accident or Contract an Industrial Disease?


Case Study – Carl


Case Study – Bavina


Case Study – Joe




Other Useful Sources of Health and Safety Information


Be safe! 2010

What this document is all about
This booklet is designed to provide an introduction to health, safety and welfare in the workplace for all learners on government–funded programmes.
Employers and training providers have duties to protect your health, safety and welfare whilst you are at work.
You have a right to work in a place where risks to your health and safety are properly controlled and your welfare protected. This booklet is an introduction to help you understand what should happen in your workplace while you are learning.
It will help you find out how to avoid accidents and ill health at work. You will also need to gather more information targeted specifically at your own occupation, course, programme and personal circumstances.
This booklet hopes to raise awareness among learners about the sorts of hazards faced at work, and what can be done to minimise them. It highlights what you can do to make sure you and those around you stay healthy and safe at work.

Much of the information in this booklet is set out to reflect the ‘safe learner blueprint’ which is the result of extensive research and consultation between those involved with education to develop and support the Safe Learner
Concept. The Safe Learner Blueprint contains six key inputs required by those training in order that the learner can develop a number of outputs that support their health, safety and welfare knowledge. The Blueprint can help learners, and the people who provide the training, to understand that good practice in health, safety and welfare is an integral part of the learning experience. It shouldn’t feel like a burden for anyone, but a key component of a safe and healthy workplace. How in−depth the learning arrangements are will depend on the kind of programme you are on and the industry you are in. Some part–time learning programmes will not follow an in–depth learning plan because it may not be necessary but it is important that all elements of the Safe Learner
Blueprint are considered. As with everything to do with health and safety, the requirements need to be proportionate to the learning taking place, or the task being done.
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Learner Entitlement
As a Skills Funding Agency learner you are entitled to:
• A safe, healthy and supportive environment, wherever learning takes place
• An induction to health and safety when starting your learning or training and at each new location or placement
• Full