Essay on Conquering My Fear Of Speaking

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Conquering My Fear of Speaking in Public
Struggling with giving a speech in front of people it is it's likely to be such a big issue that many people are afraid of going through it. Specking in public has taken a very important place that many jobs and careers needs to use these days. According to Isaac Brekken’s story whish he has a special experience that changed a lot of his ideas and beliefs.
Isaac has been run an accounting firm for eight years, and she has one of her partner he also run his own software company he called Ed Lyon. However, one day Isaac and Ed start thinking of open an institute, in prime face she thought he going to take the biggest part of specking and training, and she will write and prepare the materials, but unfortunately because he is so busy with his company, they just decided to Isaac will take care of specking part, in fact she preferred him to take care about speeches in front of people because he was better than her, and she wasn’t that good with giving a presentations. Form this decision, Isaac begin to be related to public speaking.
In the first few efforts to make his speeches interesting, she just failed, but after she realized the wrong she was doing which was the way she present her speeches, she was nervous while giving her speech and she needs to show more emotion by listen to her heart what it says and flow it. After many experiences she become one of the professional speakers, and a lot of people coming to her and told her