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Isaiah Adkins
N. Love
ENG 113­45D
21 January 2015
The Friend Zone
In the article “The Friend Zone is a Sexist Myth,” Erin Riordan argues that the “friend zone” does not exist, and that the “friend zone” is a myth that men have made up after being rejected many times by the love of their life. The article says that men who have a close friend that is a female should not expect to have an opportunity to date this friend. can not change the mind of a female who only desires to be his friend. Dating is an option of choice, and the man should respect the female’s right to decide if she would like to date him or not. Also, men think that their interest in a girl should also lead to sexual intercourse. Women are able to agree or disagree when a man asks them out on a date. If a man is truly friends with a certain female, then the female’s rejection of his romantic gesture should not change how he feels about the female. One of the main points of this article is that women are not obligated to respond positively when their friend asks them out on a date. The idea of “friend zoning” can be seen as extremely sexist. Men think that women are bad people just because they do not desire to be in a serious relationship with a man that they view as a close friend. This thought ignores the fact that women are people who have the right to make their own decisions. Riordan disproves of the
“friend zone” theory throughout the entire article.

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This article is written in a very argumentative and persuasive style. It is trying to disprove a vastly known and accepted phenomena. Throughout the article, the author