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The building is located in an urban area that is being degraded transformed from an industrial space with obsolete facilities to a residential, entertainment and business, along the Baltic Sea. 1

Turning Torso is a residential skyscraper at 190 meters high and 54 plants located in the
Swedish city of Malmo. It is the highest residential building in Sweden and the second in Europe (on the date of its inauguration), the work of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.2


Explorations of the organic living form had been important to the architect's work since long. Back in the mid 1980ies, before its inception, the Turning Torso was a piece of art, a sculpture called the "Twisting Torso", a few inches high, conceived of by Santiago Calatrava.3
A "series of plastic studies goes a step further. They describe the spine, or how our body stands up. The spine is made up of vertebrae that are represented in the sculptures in a very elemental way, as a series of cubes... Also quite important is how our spine twists, how it turns around an axis, and how it bends and reaches. What was before a quite a shy movement becomes very explicit." 4
9 vertically stacked cubes twist from bottom to top. The top most segment is twisted 90 degrees clockwise with respect to the ground floor. Steel spine twists along with the structure similar to spine and rids of the human body. 5

The building is constructed in nine segments of five-story pentagons that twist as it rises. Closest to the ground there are two segments (12 floors) for commercial use. Among the businesses accommodated here are the management and large parts of the administrative personnel of HSB Malmo - who chose Kinnarps office furniture for their new prestigious workplace. Above the office section are 147 luxury apartments. The two uppermost floors are specially designed by Santiago Calatrava as exclusive conference facilities whose participants can enjoy an outstandingly high service, first-class food and, not least, a magnificent view.6
With in the central core there are 5 lifts and 1 staircase (brown). 2 separate lifts (orange) service the commercial space. 3 lifts (green) service the residential part of the building and HSB Turning Torso Meetings.

This arrangement ensures high capacity and minimum waiting even during "rush hour" and in the instances when a lift is closed for maintenance.7

All the apartments have unique layouts depending on their position in the building. The living rooms are large and open, often with views in two directions. The impression of light and space is reinforced by the elevated ceiling in the living rooms. The large, slightly tilted windows give the apartments a generous flow of natural light and fantastic views of Malm0, and Copenhagen.8

The building envelope use double curved glass and aluminium fa<;:ade. There are 2,800 curved panels and 2,250 flat windows in the fa<;:ade. In order to follow the twist of the building, the windows are leaning between 0 and 7 degrees either inwards on the western fa<;:ade or outwards on the eastern fa<;:ade.9

The building is divided into nine rotating cube whose main structural element is a core made of reinforced concrete, from 10.6 meters in diameter (by way of vertebral column). Its center was aligned with the axis of rotation of the plants. Steel spine acts as exoskeleton for the structure (a reinforcing truss) that helps to reduce wind displacement. 10

The soil property of the site is soil on upper layer and limestone bedrock at bottom. Also the high-rise structure it got massive self load might lead to the large settlement and consolidation on upper layer soil which is relative weaker. As a function method, the group of pile foundation (deepest to 22m) maximize the supporting force and minimize the effects of settlement.11
The core is the main load-bearing structure. It uses large concrete pipe, with an inner diameter of 10.6 m. The walls are 2.5 m. Thick at the bottom,