Conscientious Objector and Men Essay

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History Paper

1) In source A you can see men and women doing various jobs to do with helping out with the war. The government published this poster in 1915 because it was a year after the war started, and more men were needed. The title in the poster says "are YOU in this". This is effective at persuading and also pressurising men and women to do their part with the war, as the "you" in capitals makes it feel personal. Also this combined with all the men and women working hard in the poster, makes it seem like if you are not helping, you are a traitor. The amount of volunteers who signed up for the war, was not a high enough number compared to what David Lloyd George expected, as women didn't want their husband or sons to go to War as it didn't seem fair and also younger men didn't want to leave their already well paid job. In the poster it also shows the England flag, which is another way of persuading people to volunteer for the war as it would make men feel patriotic and feel the need to serve their country. However this poster clearly didn't encourage enough men as in 1916 January conscription was introduced, where single men aged 18-41 had to join the war, and if they didn't they were called conscientious objectors.

4) Source E shows a cartoon of a man pushing munitions shells who states, "Well I'm not taking a holiday myself just yet". This tells us that he is clearly enjoying his work, and has no intention of taking a day off. This disagrees with Source F as Source F, which is a written report about maintaining coal production, states, "another difficulty is absenteeism". This proves that Source F is wrong to a certain extent as it contrasts hugely with source E that is saying the