Conscription in the United States and New York Times Essay

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Cost of Reviving Draft Put at $1 Billion a Year
By RICHARD HALLORAN, Special to the New York Times
Published: May 15, 1988

A consulting company advising the Defense Department has concluded that it would cost the United States more than $1 billion a year to return to military conscription while maintaining a force as qualified and effective as that of today.
The consultants, Syllogistics, whose headquarters are in Virginia, said the cost of training soldiers and sailors who would serve for only two years after being drafted would be much greater than training volunteers who serve for four or more years.
Under conscription, the report said, the cost of getting people into uniform ''is low compared to the cost in the volunteer force,'' with its recruiting budgets. But getting career soldiers and sailors from conscription, it said, would be relatively expensive ''because few of those who serve will volunteer to re-enlist.''
The report by Syllogistics, submitted to the Defense Department last month, refined a study done for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1986. Written by Steven M. Morris and L. Andrew Arnold, it said that renewed interest in the draft arose from efforts to reduce military spending.
The report said an improved economy provided jobs for young men and women who might otherwise enlist. It noted that the pool of men 17 to 23 years old would continue to shrink through the