Conservative Republican Essay

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Conservative Republican A conservative republican is a political figure that some hate and some love. Politics are a matter of who is more right and who is less wrong. There is no happy medium. Conservatives have a hard time drawing the line with liberal views and the media on many different topics. The life of a conservative republican is never dull or boring. The typical politician enjoys the heat of it all, but not all of them enjoy controversy. Conservatives tend to stay calm, unless, pushed passed their limits. There is always something everyone will disagree on, and that is why politics will never die out. Conservative republicans believe that there will always be a need for politics, because it is against human nature for everyone to agree on everything. There are many misconceptions people have of the Republican Party, but without those misconceptions there would not be a reason to prove how right the party actually is. Although many see conservative republicans as bigots and small minded people, Republicans are true patriots who fight for constitutional freedoms, promote limited government, and discourage modern feminism. Republicans have many different titles; some of these titles are positive, and other names are not. Republicans would rather be known as true patriots who fight for constitutional freedoms. The rights Americans have been given, by the amendments in the Constitution, are slowly but surely being ripped away right before our eyes. Republicans are not in any way pleased with that. The Constitution was written as a law. Laws are meant to be followed, and if laws are broken the criminal should be prosecuted. Conservatives do everything they can to prosecute people who see fit to push the United States Constitution aside. As Americans, we have the freedom of speech to say whatever, whenever, and however we want. It should not matter if someone says something right or wrong. It is that person’s freedom to speak. American citizens have the right to their opinion. The Second Amendment, the rights to bear arms, is not only a constitutional right, but it is unethical to take away. Guns have been used for countless years. No matter what the year is or time period, guns have always been misused. When a gun was misused back in the day, they would punish the criminal. The government would not punish every single innocent citizen. Republicans do not believe it is fair to punish an innocent citizen for a crime they did not commit. Ronald Regan once said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American perception that each individual is accountable for his actions.” That statement is far more accurate in today’s time than it was when he said it. For as many misusers there are, there are many more people that abide by the law. With all that said it would be unconstitutional to take away the Second Amendment. The First Amendment covers many different rights, but the most important is freedom of religion. No one, of any religion, should be told when they can pray, or how they can pray. The First Amendment makes it clear that all religions have equal opportunity. Republicans will see that the First Amendment is held high as well as all the others. Conservative republicans push and press for many different things. There is one that sticks out strongly, and that is the promotion of a limited government. The American government should not be permitted to have access to their citizen’s private life. There is a difference in a law abiding citizen and a terrorist. The liberal government cries wolf too many times for anyone to believe the government truly needs a reason to enquire about the personal lives of the nation’s citizens. Conservatives see the corruption it is causing when our president insists on having his men listen in on phone conversations that he has no business listening to. Limited government would not allow these