Consider It Done Catering Marketing Proposal

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Consider It Done Catering Marketing Analysis
DaLayn G. Bing
Devry University

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Abstract 3
Executive Summary 4
Company Description 5
Strategic Focus 6 Mission and Vision Statement 6 Goals 7 Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 7

Situation Analysis 8 SWOT 8 Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis 9 Company Analysis 10 Customer Analysis 10

Market Product Focus 11 Market and Product Objectives 11 Target Market 11 Points of Difference 12 Positioning 12

Marketing Program 13 Marketing Strategy 13 Pricing Strategy 13 Breakeven Analysis 13 Promotion Strategy 15 Place (Distribution) Strategy 16

Financial Data and Projections 17 Past Sales Revenue 17 Five Year Projections 17

Organizational Structure 17
Implementation 18
Evaluation and Control 19
References 21
The goal and objective for Consider It Done Catering is to expand the business and introduce a more complete catering service to the Utah county area. This expanded business is an opportunity to bring meal carts to the business area, fine dining events for wedding and reunion parties. It would also include wedding and hors d’oeuvre refreshments, and smaller functions or pick up food in all price ranges or level of dining. This new concept has not been offered in the area and with the areas new growth along with a new LDS temple opening in the summer of 2015, marketing research shows that the concept has great potential and is considered a high demanded service. The owners developed skills and an existing business on a smaller scale, along with the financial backing, the growth will be very natural with a smooth transition. As you will see the SWOT Analysis is well thought out and all aspects of the weaknesses and threats will be easily overcome through the marketing objectives and plans.

Executive Summary The purpose and goal of this marketing project is to: 1) make an analysis of Consider It Done in its ‘current situation; 2) clarify sources and strategies for obtaining potential customers; and 3) develop a marketing plan along with an implementation procedure. The analysis of Consider It Done describes the company in its current state along with the vision and goals with the growth and building of the company in the future. The company focuses on a progressive mission statement that coincides with the growth and geographical population. Consider It Done also considers the rural communities and the diverse ethnic and religious influence of the population of the area. The marketing goal for Consider It Done Catering is to become a sustainable catering company in the Utah county area. It is important that both individuals and businesses alike are met with the same high quality food and service. The marketing strategy is focused on high quality dining or social experience and an elevated level of service. Our distribution strategy will begin with direct sales and utilize social media to expand the sales. Future growth will offer more opportunity to incorporate banquet halls for larger functions. Marketing and advertising will be the primary focus for the immediate future. While social media will be utilized we will target a marketing campaign by developing an informational brochure with a colorful eye appeal that illustrates the company’s services. The utilization of personalized taste testing appointments, offering an opportunity to enhance the positive image of the company and lend to building a relationship to assist in product branding and devoted customers.

Company Description Consider It Done Catering is owned and run by Marc and DaLayn Bing. They combine their skills, management expertise, and experience to conduct the business. Financial