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Enosh Griffin
English/Literature 9
November 11, 2010
Considering an evil deed Television executives should monitor the content of programming that is accessible to children Disney hit-series and America’s favorite teen pop star Hannah Montana went on television for its debut on March 24th the year of 2006. Series stars the teen singing sensation Miley Cyrus, the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus. The show is categorized as a teen sit-com for children and families. The actual plot of the show begs to differ with the expression of young teen crush and relationships between young characters. The fact that there are young dating relationships on the show illustrates that the show shall not be viewed by children ten years and younger, because they are simply too young to view this show which is far too inappropriate for them. In addition to these young characters being in “relationships” on the show the writers decided to show the teens on the show demonstrating romantic affection for each other such as holding hands, hugging frequently, and even kissing. Even though this does not seem like much of an arrangement for the average teenager of America, parents of seven-eight-nine-year-old girls don’t feel that it is appropriate to be showing this type of behavior between young people on nationally aired television. The television executives of Disney did not think of all the children around the U.S. and the world when they decided to show the episodes of Hannah Montana where characters were kissing and so forth with one another. Unlike the television editors for Disney, the television executives for PBS Kids made the right decision when they edited out the Sesame Street episode with Katy Perry. This child-friendly show had Katy Perry, the pop star, running around Sesame Street singing her 2008 single “Hot ‘n’ Cold” with America’s favorite monster Elmo. Although the lyrics of Perry’s song were adjusted to fit the child rating of the show she was wearing a dress that the parents of America’s three, four, and five year olds did not want to be associated with. They depicted the pop star’s dress as “too racy” and “highly inappropriate.” After the episode was filmed back in March of 2010 the television executives made the decision not to air the episode which was to be presented on New Year’s Eve for 2011. This demonstration of being action and canceling the show is an example of a virtuous act by the television executives. While the Disney television executives showed the bare minimum of displaying romantic affection between teens, the commercial industry shows many unnecessary images for women in bikinis and men in just their underwear. These images are shown in commercials for companies such as Bud Light,, and Some commercials even use mild language and certain gestures that should not be seen or heard by children. Over the years the commercials for the Super Bowl and other nationally celebrated events are becoming more inappropriate for families. The fact that the writer wrote the affection in the script was no coincidence. The series of episodes led up to a boy planning on a kissing his girlfriend or vice-versa. The show of Hannah Montana was after the show That’s So Raven in the constant relationships and dating. So, these two shows wanted to show teenagers today was “dating” is really like for teens and they pushed for that. Then these two have arrived and left the air time after time a large percentage of teens have been encouraged to date more which is unhealthy. Some early relationships like as at the ages 14, 15, and 16 years old can lead to accidents that should not happen at these ages like a broken heart of early pregnancy. The television executives for Disney have