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Considering form, language, audience and purpose is essential when creating a successful advert. Nail polish is a product used predominately my young girls (teenagers) and younger women, but not always. As it is coming up to spring and summer, O.P.I decided to expose their exclusive range of pastel colours. The purpose of the text is to persuade the reader to buy this nail polish and to make them believe that they will have beautiful lasting nail polish. The graphology of the text includes a picture in the left half of the advert containing someone’s hand holding one of their pastel colour bottles with their nails painted perfectly in that colour, and the other half has a little bit of writing and information about the product for example the colours they come in and the price of them. The form of this advert is in magazines like vogue, teen vogue and cosmopolitan and leaflets. At the top of the page in bolder letters contains their slogan, express the colours of your inner self and the name of the product, O.P.I pastel varnish. The audience is aimed for mainly teenagers and women so that is why it is advertised where it is, because those magazines appeal to the target audience of this product. There are also leaflets in stores like Boots and Superdrug where this nail varnish is sold. In this leaflet it also says about their offer, buy two and get the third bottle half price, this will help them to sell more bottles whilst they are new to the market because if someone decides they want two bottles this is likely to convince them to buy another bottle.
The slogan has been put in bold so that the phrase is emphasized and their logo has been placed in the adverts to give a visual representation of the company. The image make the person feel something and get a particular impression on the product. In the writing instead of…