Essay about Considering Lives that brink of death?

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Discussion 1 – Week 1
Ethics and Moral Reasoning
Instructor: Angela Camaille

Over the years, throughout ancient times suicide has always been a keen subject, especially to all who do not agree with the act. My first story I read coming up expressing one’s desire of going that far was the tale of “Romeo and Juliet” a classic. Even within my own personal experiences of suicide. On my mother’s side of the family, we have buried two close relatives behind suicide. First was my cousin Stephania, she jumped from a 25 feet bridge onto the ground of cement. Why or what possessed her to do this, we do not know until this day. Second, my cousin Biedo which lost my uncle a few months early due to Aids, he took a knife to his heart and lost his life in front of friends on a beach in Spain.
This particular subject troubles me every time, for this is what inspires me to become a Psychiatrist. To understand ones brain, to get them to that point of acting on ones thoughts. Sure, I will honest with my classmates that I to have had these thoughts but have ever acted on these impulses. Just knowing how my family and I felt losing two members of the family to suicide was just overwhelming with emotions that will never get answers and a since of emptiness. What a person feels they would be doing for their family was best for them is actually the opposite.
It gives me the motivation I most honestly need to keep trying to figure out a solution to this world epidemic. With my own personal experiences and how I got through it, is something I want to share with others to help them get through whatever it is they feel is too great or too hard to understand, I wish to help them every step of the way. Starting with our children, because they are our future.
We suffer over the loose of our love one’s and it brought us more pain than they could ever imagine.
In fact, it made me angry with them for a while and then I had to come at peace with –in my religion to except that that is what they chose to seek for their fate. There are some religions that accept this act as a sign of the person’s commitment but in my eyes