Essay about Consitution: Slavery and International Slave Trade

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Min Yi Li P: 5 Constitutional Convention Simulation
James Madison
2. Slavery
✓should slavery in a democracy in which’’…all men are created equal.’’ ? He think the slavery should be restrained; he believes that slavery is harmful that hurt both slave and slave owner. Also, he believe that slavery is violate behave that make American people form wrong value and destruct civic virtue. At least, it still became part of the world problem that blacks are not equal to whites in some people mind. The slave owner opposes the natural right. As we know, poor people have the difference with slaves, that slaves doesn’t have rights and need to work to the slaves owner until the slaves die. He believes that the slavery will destruct America self govern. If the slavery exists the social scale will become more obvious. He believes that if America cancels slavery that would become a big change to the world history.

✓should the international slave trade continue? If not, when should it stop? James Madison believes the international slave trade should not be continued. He hope in 1808 America force planter hire slave and move the slave to the south where lack of labor force and push district economic. Also, he supports colonization that he wants to sent the black slaves back to Africa for free. He thinks the slavery work out might menace the union but he thinks that the slavery have been puzzle America for a long time he called it as a horrible…