Consolidating Touch Points Of Saab

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Case Study One: Consolidating Touch points of Saab
Candace Wilson
Professor Edward Ruppel
MBA 5110 Management Information Systems
October 23, 2014

Summary Saab Company decided to invest in Siebel Automotive, which is a Customer Relationship Management System to compete in the automotive industry. Saab Company’s communication strategy with their customers was very ineffective because of too many primary channels being utilized. Using this failing strategy was complicated and money was being lost for the company. Saab implemented the Customer Relationship Management System to better understand their customers and to satisfy their preferences. Also, keeping track of prior service related questions was an important. The company improved the way of tracking their sales and marketing activities. By doing so, the company benefited greatly by increasing their customer satisfaction. Their direct marketing cost decreased. Saab’s lead follow up increased. The gained a single view of its customers across many channels.
Question Answers
1. Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System enabled Saab to gain a competitive advantage by knowing exactly what their needs and concerns are. Understanding their customers as well as knowing about each communication they have. Also, any services related issues that have accured. The use of Web based marketing and sales coordination helped Saab keep the information of the customers organized and properly analyzed to ensure effective selling techniques for the company.
2. The potential impact on Saab’s business would have not been good if it had not implemented a Customer Relationship Management System. The primary channels that were being utilized to maintain their customer’s database were not working together. This was causing problems for Saab when it came to their advertising strategy. This was leaving the customers confused and insure about making a decisions, turning business away. The Saab Company needed only one way to maintain their customer’s database.
3. Supply Chain Management System can save Saab time, reduce inventory, and decrease order processing costs for their company. These changes can help reduce the prices of their vehicles. Helping the company to bring in more potential customers for future purchasing. Effective and efficient Supply Chain Management Systems can enable a company