Constancy Or Change Essay example

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Everything in life is constantly changing, no one object remains the same for eternity everything and everyone changes no matter how small or large the change. Looking at what is the more real concept constancy or change; one is inclined to believe change is the more real concept. The debate between constancy and change can be shown through an ancient metaphysical puzzle Theseus’ Ship and can also be used to further back the point of why change is more real. The reality of change presents itself more in today’s world than that of constancy, which can be proven through the puzzle Theseus’ ship. Many philosophical views side with the idea of change, and how it is evident. Looking at the idea of materialism and how there are four main elements fire, earth, air and water and all four of these can change to become another. Thales states that water is the principle element, as it can become the three other elements. What Thales is saying that earth, ice and air are all forms of water, all just in different states. Water covers seventy one percent of the earth’s surface, that seventy one percent changes into different forms, earth air and fire. The remaining twenty nine percent of the surface area is made up of earth, which also can change to be another element. Now the remaining two elements fire and air; air is found everywhere we rely on it to live, and is constantly changing forms. Under the same concept of materialism Heraclitus claims fire is the fundamental element, and can be changed into the other three elements. After understanding that the four main elements are all able to change one most believe that change is the more real concept. With the understanding of why change is more real, proving why constancy is not will be clear. Change is inevitable, people from the day they are born change every day. Now one will try to argue that what about solid objects such as tables they don’t change, they’re one solid object even if pulled apart and put to pieces its still a table in sense. Although that is true that table will not always remain the same eventually it will either deteriorate or be manufactured into something else. Looking now at Theseus’ ship and how it does not back up the point of constancy. The puzzle states that each day a tiny bit of the ship is replaced with new lumber, now although no significant parts of the ship have been modified the ship itself has been changed. The ship is made up of matter and a piece of that ship has been replaced by a new substance containing new matter, thus now changing what the ship was before. The ship may not look any different or function any different but the matter of that ship has been replaced by another substance containing different matter. There are two viewpoints to Theseus’ ship the one attempting to