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U.S History Essay

The first successful colony was Jamestown. The colonies before Jamestown they were people in need of land so they took it from the Native Americans. But they ran out of resources so they’re leader left to find resources and when he came back everybody was gone. After Jamestown they were twelve more colonies. The colonies had a parent country which was Great Britian. The colonies wanted to be free so they went to war with Great Britian and they gained their freedom with help from France. The founding fathers made the Articles of Confederation, which was ratified when Daniel Shay gathered 5,000 farmers and march to Massachusetts to get what they wanted and they didn’t so they violently took over. The government didn’t have the power to send an army to help Massachusetts and they didn’t have any money. The state of Massachusetts was taken over for a whole month. The colonies knew the
Articles of Confederation was the reason of Shay’s Rebellion. The colonists came together and had a convention in Philadelphia to make a better document that supported the country and the people with in it, which is the Constitution. The Federalists and the Anti­Federalists had different views about the new
Constitution. The Federalists wanted a strong government and no Bill of Rights. The
Anti­Federalists wanted more power to the states and a Bill of Rights. The only reason

why they came to a agreement was because the states would be allowed to ratify the new Constitution and James Madison promised to add a Bill of Rights to the
Constitution. The Bill of Rights was added to the constitution to guarantee individual liberties and to make sure that the new government would not treat the citizens like the old colonial government of Great Britian did. The