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Constitution If I were to have a constitutional convention I probably would, and why? Because I would change a couple things of the constitution, I would try and find some ways to make it more effective. It would bother me that the constitution does not include all American who do not have a US citizenship. I would like to change Section 1, Article 2 to “No person except a citizen of the United Stated shall be eligible for the office of President” just thinking of the American that have held public office but have been banned from being president like Madeleine Albright (Czechoslovakia), Jennifer Granholm (Canada) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austria). Another change to the constitution would be the 10th Amendment. The right of states that has decayed and it is starting to create congestion in taxes and regulation. Which causes the countries and also our jurisprudence, to remember our federal structure and realize that the central government has limited powers and that power is reserved for the states. Give American the right to vote. People talk about their “right” to vote, when in reality there isn’t an affirmative federal right to vote that exists. Instead courts defer on state based voting laws and administration. Even though American vote for a president, a US representative, and sometimes one senator. The United stated can administrate federal elections in a unique way. An amendment to budgeting is also required, which I would add to the constitution. It can obtain a provision that congress shall reduce their spending’s across some areas of the federal budgets and also the increase of tax should stay maintain the present progressivity on the tax code. No lifetime job for the supreme courts, I would add a provision ending the life time tenure for the federal courts, more specifically the Supreme Court. It would be replaced with a nonrenewable term of probably about 20 years. Also the chief justice should not be able to hold his position for life, but for a four year term that could be