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Study guide 3 / Constitution Test

1. What are qualifications needed to be president? 2. How many cabinet members does the president have? 3. Which of the cabinet members is in charge of natural resources of our country? 4. What cabinet member is in charge of Social Security? 5. Which cabinet member is the president’s legal advisor? 6. Who presents the national budget? 7. Which cabinet member is involved in settling a work strike? 8. Which cabinet member would be in charge of Secret Service? 9. Which cabinet member is involved in carrying out a war? 10. If the president should die, who would become president? 11. What vote really elects the President? Popular or Electoral? 12. Who is the only federal officer with veto power? 13. What is the salary of the president? 14. Who can call Congress into session? Under what circumstances? 15. Can federal officers have titles of nobility? 16. What power / check does the executive branch have over the judicial branch? 17. Who is head of the Senate? 18. Who is head of the House? 19. What date does an elected president take office? 20. How many justices are there on the Supreme Court? 21. What is the importance of the case Marbury vs. Madison? 22. How does someone become a Supreme Court justice? Who has power to decide? 23. Which article of the Constitution deals with the judicial branch? 24. Which