Constitution Unique In World History Essay

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United States have rune a long way to where it is right now, constitution is very unique in the world history. It’s true that constitution helps United States to form a strong central government however it’s also make a situation that they are still is a limited government and also protects people’s liberty. Before constitution was made, Article of confederation is already exist. under the article of confederation, there is a central government, but this government perform practically no function, cause states and founders think that government power must be de-concentrated and dispersed, Since most power is in states, government can’t collect taxes, and it doesn’t have a federal courts, all army are dependent on states to contribute, and even need nine out of thirteen states to pass a laws. Since this government can’t centralization of authority so the founders group together again and build the federalists to lead the country to the right way. This time they made the constitution so the government can work the right way. They …show more content…
As l mention that each branch has its own specified right and power, but cannot over those responsibilities and power under the constitution. United States government can totally consider as a limited government under Constitution. All people are equal before the law, all states are equal, and none can receive special treatment from the central government. State government have to be as the federal government, must be democratic and final decisions should be made with in people’s best