Essay on Constitution and Systems of Georgia

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Constitution and Systems of Georgia
CaSandra Edmonds
POL 215
January 10, 2011
Rosalind McAdams
Constitution and Systems of Georgia “To perpetuate the principles of free government, insure justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizen and of the family” (Constitution of the state of Georgia, 2007, p. 4). These words begin the preamble of the Constitution of the State of Georgia. Within the realms of reality, every individual needs to believe that preserving his or her rights by the state in which he or she lives should be executed. This paper will illustrate the main articles in Georgia’s Constitution and the relationship between the United States Constitutions. Discuss the services judicial,
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Services judicial, educational, and social systems offer Georgia Article V discusses the judicial branch of state government. Within the Constitution, it discusses what the state has to do for each county for education. It states, “General obligation debt to provide educational facilities for county and independent school systems” (Constitution of the state of Georgia, 2007, p. 56). When these schools are established, the responsibility or title of the facility is vested with the local educational board. Upon thoroughly going through the Constitution for the state of Georgia there was no mention of social systems.
Effectiveness of systems identified and need for improvement For the eco-system, the environment, the Constitution has stipulations on what an individual or company can do to land or property to protect and preserve the natural resources and vital areas of the state also established area, real property is to be used for the purpose of release of hazardous materials or environmental waste. Individuals are advised of a reproductive sterilization program to control dog and cat overpopulation this would reduce the number of animals housed and killed in shelters. Many improvements to these services can be made. I believe that individuals who have animals have to make sure that the animals are spayed or neutered. I do believe that if this is not done then individuals should be fined. So many animals are out on the street because individuals no