Constitutionalism: English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell Essay

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In the 17th century France and England were following two different forms of governments. French leaders followed absolutism, which give the leader complete power. In England constitutionalism was being used. Constitutionalism developed in England and expanded throughout the 1600’s. Constitutionalism is a form of government in which the leaser is limited by laws.
England was being ruled by the Stuart Dynasty. They ruled from 1608-1714. The Demanding Loans from Nobility Petition of Rights was passed in 1629. It made sure that there were no forced loans. Also they could not raise taxes without parliamentary consent. No one could be imprisoned without a cause. Also no troops could be quartered in private homes.
Charles I ruled from 1605-1649. During his reign, the Scottish rebellion took place in 1637. In 1641 the Irish rebellion took place. Parliament issued “Great Remonstrance” which was complaints about King Charles in 1649. In January 1642 Charles invaded Parliament with troops.
The English Civil War took place in 1642 and ended in 1649. It was between the Cavaliers (King’s troops) and the Roundheads (Parliament’s troops). The Roundheads were led by Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell led the Roundhead’s to victory. An alliance was made between Scotland and Oliver Cromwell, and a new army was reorganized. In January 1649, Charles was beheaded and Oliver Cromwell succeeded to the throne.
From 1649-1660 a Commonwealth (military