Essay about Construct and Analyze Applicant Selection Protocol

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Construct and Analyze Applicant Selection Protocol

For this assignment I will be conducting a job analyze for a plumbers position. I will be also making a selection protocol to recruit the right employee. In order to do a job analysis the methods that I will use will be the methods job components inventory, and position analysis questionnaire. Then compare it to the O*NET Online. Then I will construct an applicant selection protocol. In some aspects plumber are skilled labor that requires physical strength as well as a good knowledge of tools and a good mathematical base. The job components inventory contains five principles that a plumber should possess. Using
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In communication requirements I should add more info like critical thinking, active listening, judgment and decision making and quality control analysis which would be the key elements in my job analysis. Critical thinking is using logic and reasoning to identify any strengths and weaknesses when approaching a problems or trying to find a solution. Active listening is giving full attention to other people thus using good listening skill to coworker and customers. In the principle list as perceptual and physical requirements I was not clean enough as O*NET Online, I state that plumbers require physical strength. But did not stay as to how much. I should add a weight requirement. I did not find any elements on O*NET Online that were not useful. Now that I have figured out what kind a person I would want for the plumber position it construct an applicant selection protocol. Construct an applicant selection protocol is the process of getting the most qualify person to employ. First I would begin with a job application. This would list age, address, employment, education, and sex. I would also ask that a vital or resume be attached. Once this is submitted it would give all the basic information that is needed as well as appropriate work samples. After the application is fill out then we will start the interview process. The interviews will be structured to consist of questions that are designed to assess knowledge,