Constructing Meaning Essay

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Elements for comparison and contrast Payne & Gainey text
Tsui text

Description in my own words Evidence from the text
(include direct quotes and page numbers) Description in my own words Evidence from the text
(include direct quotes and page numbers)
Explicit meaning

The goal of the article is to provide instructors with a variety of strategies for engaging students to participate in classroom controversial discussions and enhancing their critical thinking skills at the collegiate level. This article we will discuss some common issues that surface in college courses that encourage critical thinking. What strategies can educators use to promote enlightened and fair discussion of them” (Gainey & Payne, 2003, p.52).
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The author provides evidence and suggestions to assist teachers, schools, and students with revising their current curriculum implementing writing and critical thinking skills across all disciplines. Currently, I use some of the suggestions mentioned in the article and will adopt some of the others. Professional development for teachers should be on-going and not a one-time event. Infusing writing into all courses will allow students the opportunity to write and re-write verbally on paper or orally to assist with building their confidence. Also allowing students the opportunity to collaborate, work in study groups, peer-to-peer interaction for positive, comfortable peer support.

Part II

Based on your close reading and the information in your worksheet, write 1–2 paragraphs in which you synthesize the scholarly discourse about critical thinking in higher education. Beyond summarizing the articles individually, critically assess the similarities and differences between the authors’ perspectives and approaches, essentially reviewing the texts as in dialogue with one another. For example, your comparison might complete the following:

• Describe philosophical and ideological tensions between the articles.
The article by Gainey & Payne provides suggestions for ways to promote critical thinking skills in