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1. I have obtained great amount of skills in the past four years of Construction Technology classes. I have learned skills from many different types of trades such as, Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and woodworking. In the plumbing unit, I acquired skills to assemble pipe sections and fittings. I gained all the knowledge on what a plumber does and which tools they use to assist them in doing their job. During our HVAC unit, I developed the skills to label all parts of, heaters, vents, and air conditioning. Also, I learned how the ventilation and heating work as well as how to repair or maintain the ventilation and heating. Every year in construction technology we have an electrical unit. In this unit we learn the fundamentals on how to put together two-way switches and three-way switches. Also, we develop the knowledge to create the blueprints/diagrams of the switches before the building process. Throughout my years in the construction technology course we have built objects with wood. The first project I learned to do was a build a birdhouse which I still have to this day. Moreover, the year after our skills were put to the test when our project was to build a jewellery box. Finally, in my final year of construction we are currently building a Muskoka chair. I am proud to say that I developed all these skills in my 3 years of construction technology class.

2. With these skills I developed over the years I would like start a plumbing business.

Description of Business: Golden Arm Plumbers is a company that is solely based on residential homes and businesses. Golden Arm specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable water, sewage, and drainage in plumbing systems. To meet customer expectations is a major target for the company. The goal of Golden Arm plumbing is to be able to provide customers with residential home plumbing installations all across Ontario.

Product Summary:
Ford F-150 pickup truck
# of Pipes and Fittings
Pipe Wrenches
Circular Saw
Cordless Screw Drill
Propane Torch
Cast iron pipe cutter
Extension cords
Teflon tape/Pipe Dope

Business Strategy: By putting all time and effort into residential homes and businesses, Golden Arm Plumbing will be able to gain a reputation because of specializing in a specific part of the plumbing industry. With cheap and reliable prices for jobs, this will create a reputation for the business which will expand its popularity in the area of which Golden Arm is located. Posting free ads on local websites for businesses will help build a customer base. This will also spread word of mouth from other customers which will give a good review about how Golden Arm Plumbers do their job.
Market Trends:
Average Annual Employment Income
Full Time
Average Income
1- 19999$
$50000 +

Business Location: Golden Arm Plumbers will be located around the York Region Woodbridge area. The business will be based out of an office…