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Consultant's Talking Points
MKT/571 Marketing

Consultant's Talking Points 1. Describe the situation. * Classic is experiencing a significant decrease in customer satisfaction and investor confidence all while challenged with rising costs. 2. Identify and define the problem faced by Classic Airlines * Low customer satisfaction in light of recent changes in the airline industry overall and in Classic Airlines attempts of realign itself with industry changes. 3. Describe end-state goal * Navigate the current economic environment to recapture market share and reinstate consumer and investor confidence while managing the operation to experience an overall 15% cost savings objective. 4. Identify alternative solutions to the problem * Review data collected from the customer relationship management (CRM) program to identify chief customer complaints before conducting primary research in the form of focus groups to clarify customer perceptions of Classic Airlines. * Using information gathered to brainstorm multiple solution alternatives for each problem identified. 5. Evaluate Alternatives * Array the alternatives and determine the feasibility criteria. 6. Identify & assess risks * Measure each alternative in light of the feasibility criteria’s effect on the alternative and address the risks inherent in each alternative 7. Make a decision to solve the problem then justify which solution you chose * Focus on customer needs. The research showed the loyal customers are