Consulting: Management and Strategic Plan Essay

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To successfully complete this project, we suggest a key variation to the scope of services. In this part, we are suggesting an additional action….that is integrating the business planning process with the strategic planning.

We are sure that if business planning is included into the scope of this project, it will help a lot in getting a more efficient and realistic strategic plan.

The first reason is….. if we do a strategic plan with the perspective of business plan… will give us feasibility of each strategic goals and this will help us in prioritizing these goals.

Second reason is, as of now, ABC wants to float a new RFP for business plan, which means a second consulting company can win it. So it will be difficult to align business plan with strategic plan.

Since the business plan should be finished in late summer, that means, after strategic plan finish in early summer, there are only two months for another group to work on it. It is time consuming and even the business plan can’t be completed on time. So we strongly suggest it is better to do strategic plan with business plan.

About the members of proposal team, on top of that, the most important ones, stakeholders, senior managers, partners and affiliates in ABC. They provide accurate internal information about our project, which is helpful for our plan. Second part is our professional team, me, facilitation manger, Lana, who I responsible for stakeholder liaison and research. Inam, in charge of board liaison and business planning, Kina, strategic manager.