Essay about Consulting: Management Consulting and Wat Ur Plan

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Providing research, analysis and business advice
Strategy consultant work for Ceo, financial consultant work for Cfo,
More versatile = better u r
Training for business leadership – many ceos, cfos and ctos are former consultants
Senior influence at a very junior level
Inc sales, dec cost, organizational design
Avg project of 3-6 months, 4-10 person teams;
Top 3 – McK, bcg, bain charge 0.5 million dollar for 6 member team; big 4 – deloitte, EnY, pwc, kpmg; tier 2 – booz, monitor, atk(operations), oliver wyman(financial), Accenture (tech), lek(healthcare and life sciences) – boutique firms with specialized focus
Education – pedigree, relevance, performance gpa, honors, leadership like case competition, Experience – brand name corporate experience, analytical ability (tools that u hv used to analyse data), business understanding, distinction (winning award) ; Put relevant coursework on ur cv; performance matters; demonstrate something very special about u
Network with someone who can pitch u inside the company
Example - 2 week externship with PnG to get experience
Consulting firm - Brand, thought leadership and ppl. U r the asset. So networking is imp.
2 parts of networking – getting in the door, conducting research and asking specific tailored question
Elevator pitch/hero stories – 30 sec. let me tell u a quick story to tell u more about the kind of experience I have. Don’t give ur –ves. Only +ves. Don’t say why shud u hire me. Very brief and concise of the success u hv. Tell them wat u bring to the table
Volunteer Example - Nice to meet u. my name. 4 yrs of exp. Came to Canada to do mba in . eye contact. All best things. Think about wat doing next. Concise. Nothing special about the story but wasn’t unique. Open up ur body. Body language imp. Went to one of the top universities. Awards . give enough hooks to the person to talk about u. was a top performer. Don’t say u were bored of ur work. Giv strategic reasons for ur decision to switch. Make an impact on company. Get more experience in north America. So went to study in Canada. Like solving problems and puzzles. Don’t sound too aspirational. Project that u r doing to make that transition
At some point I decided I want a more challenging life . it’s wat fits me as I like solving problem. In free time, pace enthusiastic
3 different leadership experiences with variety
Summer is excellent time to talk to ppl. Even dec is good
I grewi was the top of my class . specially internal business. Worked directly with CEOs.
CV and cover letter
1 pager, max 2
Reverse Chrono (yes) vs skill based (not)
Sections – 2-3 lines of overview ut not objective. 2 line summary of wat hv u done to explain ur story. Put whatever is stronger first. Result oriented, team leader
Level of detail. Sub-bullets if needed
Languages u speak, personal interests (last line that they read first). Use colorful language. Make sure u include this
Low score/tough stories. Don’t write an explanation
Cover letter perfect English, not too long paras
3 key experiences in each section
Put the rank of ur university
Fonts of same size, bullets of same space. Formatting imp
10 point font min, 0.5 inch margin around borders, remove irrelevant experience that’s not in professional capacity, tell them about promotions/return offers
Context of wat u did –
Quantification – wat projections were,
Gave a ppt