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Magazines, Magazines, Magazines, What would the world do without magazines. That’s a tough question considering the fact that in the last four years, magazine sales have declined 11.2 percent says the audit bureau of circulations for consumer magazines. The top 25 magazines overall didn’t end the year well on the financial note, the 12th ranked Ladies’ Home Journal failed the most. It declined 15.8%, a cost of more than almost 600,000 copies, in the bottom half of 2011. Due to the emergence of smartphonsses, internet accessibility and email marketing, magazines sales are continuing to decline and the magazine industry probably may never see the peak reached thirty to forty sum years ago. Magazines are publications printed on paper with ink, and are usually published weekly, monthly, or annually. Magazines are also known to many as a collection of written articles. There are three types of magazine distribution, Paid, Non-Paid, and Controlled. Paid circulation is when a magazine is sold to the reader either per issue or by annual or monthly subscription. When magazines are just given and handled out for no cover price or subscription, they are known as non-paid circulation magazines. Controlled circulation magazines, widely known as “insider magazines” are industry-based articles read only by specific and qualifying readers. Examples of controlled circulation magazines are such as VIBE, Sports Illustrated, Heartland USA and many others. Controlled Circulation magazines are the most intricate of the bunch because they possess of many good and bad attributes on the marketing end.Controlled circulation is receptive selective and subjective scrutiny by competitors that may try and produce market confusion through partial interpretation of the info. That’s why it's essential for a controlled-circulation publication to remain faithful its editorial mission.The advertising rate base of a controlled-circulation publication doesn't fluctuate, as critical a paid circulation with a stall part. Thus, publishers will build longer-term relationships with advertisers. In the days of magazine and newspaper glory, it was out of reach for most writers to start their own newspapers and magazines to distribute their own work. But a strong website can be set up for hundreds, not thousands of dollars and just about any professional can afford that.Newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, catalogs and printed materials will still exist, but internet and television are now the first place people look for information. Circulation as an overall topic, combined with subscriptions, was almost nothing compared to constant income last year. However single copy sales at newsstands, from those publishers create extra money and that conjointly indicate buying trends, continuing to fall. The newsstand figures indicate rigid challenges ahead for the US magazine industry. Though such sales symbolize a smaller portion of the overall magazine industry in America than in many other countries, they are considered a gauge of shape for the industry because they best replicate consumer demand. Publication companies are not able to influence the statistics, as they do with subscription numbers, by lowering subscription prices. Marketing and Advertising has several problems in itself, but there are several that need to be addressed in order to make recommendations to solve the dilemma. The marking world has faced previous roadblocks but one stage they fail to get pass would be the effort of flying blind. My intake of flying blind was that many companies chase social media tactics with no idea about the who, what, when and where of the social web. For example, if an new company arranges for their only advertisement to be shown on the best social networking website and their lead advertiser coordinator uploads the ad on MySpace, than the marketing sales just decreased by fifty percent; The reason the marketing sale would drop would be simply