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Power Tools

For my research I interviewed three people form three different social classes and from those three they each were from a different HLC (Household Life Cycle). The first person that I interviewed, Christina, she was from the social class of Upper-lower which is slightly above the lowest social class; but is working and not on welfare. As to where she falls in the HLC she is a Single Parent I as she had a child when she was young. Money is tight to where she lives paycheck to paycheck, and she has limited education as she has gone to a trade school, but has never attended college. The second person that I interviewed, Michael, comes from the social class of Working class which is where they typically work a blue collar job and lead the “working-class lifestyle.” This interviewee falls in the HLC as Full Nest II as they had their children when they were younger. All three children are over the age of six years old; the mother has recently returned to college to prepare to go back into the working world and they have a need to save money for college. The third and final person that I interviewed, Cory, comes from the social class Middle class. While typically a person from this category has a college degree, the person that I interviewed doesn’t have a college degree, but has attended some college. He does have a higher income but doesn’t fall into the Upper-Middle class. When it comes to where he falls in the HLC he falls under Delayed Full Nest I as they waited to have children later on in life. As typical they have a higher income than younger new parents, they have a high mortgage payment, and spend a lot on daycare as they have a more disposable income. For each of the interviewees I sat down with them and had them go over their typical buying process when it comes to power tools and while going through their process I asked several other questions such as do they have an evoked set of power tools that they prefer or an inept set of power tools that they dislike. What I did first with each interview is I had the interviewee go through their typical purchasing process first so I could get an idea of how they went about purchasing power tools. When it came to Christina she would first ask her male friends, dad, or Google what brand of power tool would be the better. She then would find out what would be a good price to pay and find a store where she could buy the brand. Finally she would go to the store and purchase that brand of power tool. For Michael his purchasing process starts with him asking himself how often he is going to use the power tool and if it is something he is going to use only once he’ll buy something cheap versus if it is something that he is going to use often he will buy a brand of quality that he knows will last. Next he will compare prices between brands by comparing online, Craigslist, or going to the store, but if he is at a job site and needs the power tool to get the job done price doesn’t matter at that point. While for Cory the typical purchasing process is about the same as Michael’s; he spend a lot more time researching the brand of power tool he is wants to buy. He knows that he wants to buy a new drill, but wants to know who has the best product currently on the market. He will do a ton of research online comparing brands, watching you tube videos of people using the power tool, and will even go to the store to compare brands there. Once he is done with his extensive research he will buy the power tool either at the store or online depending on who has the best deal. As you can see all three interviewees have one thing in common which was to do seek information on what brand of power tool is better.
First I wanted to know the reason why the interviewees had decided to start looking into purchasing a power tool. All three of the interviewees stated that a problem arose. The reasons that were given to me was that they knew the current power tool…