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Consumer Behavior

Consumer dependency on technology has increased tremendously with improved connectivity and more powerful devices, naturally causing ownership and usage to skyrocket.
There are many factors influencing consumer behavior with the use of technology, such as speed, convenience, reliability and longevity.
Speed - Behaviors of a consumer is impacted by speed because of quick and efficient service the device in use provides, not having to wait in store lines at counters and actually avoiding exerting energy going to the store.
Convenience - Shopping/web surfing could be done from the comfort of your home, and online search makes it easier locating whatever is to be purchased. Services and features such personal customization and pre-ordering are offered.
Free shipping tends to be a major factor. Take for example, Amazon Prime, which offers free 2-day shipping, people become more inclined to order things from Amazon or just simply shop online because of this. If a person has a membership and this feature enabled when ordering things from amazon, they may be more likely to buy more stuff than originally budgeted for.
Reward Programs - When purchases are made on certain cites, that individual may get credited or shopping points toward their next purchase on whatever or specific items or shipping costs. When people see sales or discounts they tend to over think things in a sense. Most times, these deals are absurd; spend 50 dollars and save 5 dollars, or something such as spend 100 dollars and get free shipping. Originally, the shopper may have gone onto the website planning on spending a set amount of money, but after having seen these deals and not wanting to pass up on such a seemingly great opportunity, some sort of inclination to shop more is triggered. This is also due to very good advertising.

Satisfaction - When a person is shopping online, they are aware of their size but may not know how the item fits. This becomes a hindrance, since there is no way of finding this out. This also causes shopping frenzies and unnecessary spending, seeing as you