Consumer Behavior (Argentina) Essay

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Argentina is the 2nd largest South American and Latin-American region. With a population of just over 40 million people, the Spanish speaking country has multiple aspects of consumer behavior that influence the way that people spend.
Marketing in Argentina is communicated in ways very similar to the United States. Radio and television are large factors in how marketers reach consumers in Argentina. There are 170 AM radio stations and 2000 FM radio stations in Argentina with about twelve million radio sets in use and 46 television broadcasting stations with some eight million TV sets in use. Although the marketing tactics are similar they are not as widespread as they are in the US. To put it into perspective there are roughly
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There are obvious differences regarding income and population that should be noted. The majority of the income (79%) and population (76%) are concentrated in the Metro and Pampa region with together make up between 15-20% of the national territory. The remaining percentage of the population is spread amongst the remaining four regions. These regions display obvious differences in consumer behavior because of the income distribution between the regions. If you were a business owner it would be very important to understand the way that the purchasing power works within the regions. The Metro and Pampa regions obtain the Upper and Middle income households that have sustainable jobs and an income that allows them to make large-volume, less frequent purchases while still possibly looking for convenience and low prices. The other four regions contain those who have low incomes or are possibly unemployed. These people typically shop at local shops and convenience stores for more immediate purchases. This information could be looked at by marketers and businesses and evaluated to make decisions influential to the revenue of the company. For example, after looking at this data we now realize that a big business is less likely to thrive in certain parts of Argentine and that they should possibly look to relocate of change the type of products that they sale to accommodate their customers.
Looking at specific marketing cohorts and evaluating them