Consumer Behavior- Ethnographic Research on Victoria's Secret and Target Essay

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Ethnographic Research on Victoria’s Secret and Target
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BUS 3350
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December 3, 2012

Ethnographic Research on Victoria’s Secret and Target The purpose of this paper was to observe the consumers of a retail store of my choice; I chose to observe Victoria’s Secret and Targets consumers, because I myself am consumers of those stores quite often, then to analyze the behavior of the consumers of Victoria’s Secret and Target. Victoria’s Secret and Target consumers differ because of the difference in type of retail they offer and sell. Victoria’s Secret consumers know what they are going to be shopping for women and certain needs or wants they are looking to satisfy. Target consumers shop for any age and any gender,
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Now to make sense of what was observed, Victoria’s Secret is a retail store that brings consumers in who know what they are going to be looking for, and are not going to need much help from an associate. The consumer feels comfortable shopping on their own, and looking at items that will satisfy their want and in some cases a need. Aside from those Christmas shopping, consumers looking for themselves at Victoria’s Secret are most likely buying based on a hedonistic motive. The brand label for one is hedonistic, for we can buy these same items at a store that sells them for half the asking price. Many consumers who buy Victoria’s Secret are also willing to spend more money for products that they know are of great quality, this pleases the customer after the buy. Victoria’s Secret is also part of the consumer culture, American consumers value Individualism, and VS allows consumers to achieve that personal need in purchasing items that say something about their self that is still easy to hide from others. I also feel that Victoria’s Secret gives women a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that they can wear the same under garments as VS models; they turn the want of the item into a benefit no matter the price. I had also found that Victoria’s Secrets marketing strategies helps bring in customers looking for those special deals; such as spend over $65 and you get a free limited edition iPhone case, or the Secret Rewards Card