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Team Project – Marketing


Main Idea
A university is considering using online simulation games1 as part of their university courses but is unsure of what the market is for such courses and how to market such courses. The course topics being considered for online simulation games would be:

1. Strategy
2. Organizational behavior
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Human resources
5. Operations management
6. Information technology
7. Project management
8. Finance and marketing

We must make a marketing plan.

Parts of the Project
28- 29 pages (including the executive summary, title page and statement)
1. Market Analysis – 5 pages a) An assessment of the size of the global student population segmented by course (marketing, entrepreneurship, etc) and region (North American, Europe, Asian, Australia, India, South America, the Middle East and Rest of World), and, of market growth.

b) market statistics about the use of online games/simulations in university courses, online courses, and students taking online courses.

2. Competitive Analysis- 5 pages will include a compilation of existing online simulation games that are meant to be used in universities/colleges.

3. Consumer Analysis – 5 pages
A compilation of the decision criteria that students use when they are rating such games, for example, complexity, learning value, graphics, etc.

4. Social media research and analysis- 5 pages
Detailed and include a compilation of all sources of information that the professors use when discussing their course area with others, such as social media forums, blogs, newsletters, associations, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus, etc

5. Marketing Plan- 5 pages
Include the specific approach for the university to gain profile to the university community using social media and other marketing channels including partners.

a) Title page – 1 page
b) Statement of academic integrity- 1 page
c) Executive summary- 1-2 pages
d) Review spelling and grammar
e) Put the project together and send it


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Parts of the Names Project

The Above Table
The numbers correspond to the parts of the project and the letters correspond to the extras. Put your name in the box that corresponds to the part of the project and the extra that you would like to do. I tried to pair them up equally so that the people who do the bigger parts of the project do the smaller extra parts. (Sorry for any spelling mistakes in this file, I’m no the best at spelling.. hence why I didn’t choose to do the