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Essay topic: University have their own particular culture for students “adjusting to their life and culture of the university usually takes time and effort”. (Kantians, 2000, p.104)


Certain years back there was a huge flow of overseas students coming to study in Australian university for higher studies, which has decreased after the year 2009 (AEI data [n.d.]). According to me the reason of decrease in the flow of overseas students coming to Australia is because they have been facing a range of challenges in the Australian universities. This includes Language problems, study pattern, money crises, social and cultural challenges, time management, job commitments and many other various evils.

The first ever hurdle for overseas students for studying in Australian universities is “Learning shock”. Overseas students whose first language is not English have problem with understanding the language and the different accent. Even due to different study pattern they struggle a lot and because of that their grades go down. The director of the Higher Academy’s Education Teaching International Students (TIS) project Dr Janette Ryan says “Overseas students can find the learning hard to cope as they adjust to different teaching approaches” (Dr Janette Ryan [n.d.]) According to my experience there is a lot of academic reading over here, which I never had to do in India (my country of origin). The Referencing is very difficult and confusing as well. And because of this my grades have dropped.

The second most common problem among the overseas students is “Cultural differences”. Due to difference in the culture, some kind of problems arises. According to my observation, in Australia, people are more open with each other no matter its male or female, which is not the case in countries like Pakistan. There it’s very severe problem. This creates a lot of difference between students coming from such countries and local students. Apart from that they also experience the feelings of isolation, homesickness, accommodation and many more problems, which affects their academic life and progress. (University of south Australia [n.d.])

The Funding problem is another big problem among international students. The amount of Fees which university charge from international students is extremely high as compared to local students. And students that belong to the developing countries like India, china, Sri Lanka etc. has to pay a lot of amount due to difference in the currency. (Simon Marginson [May 28, 2010]) They try to help themselves by working and saving Lack of acceptance by locals. This problem exists in Australia but it’s not very serious. That’s why sometimes they hesitate to mix with others.

Generally the overseas student gets stuck into multiple troubles while his initial setup in the new city or place. These problems are so serious that a student has to let go too many things to settle down successfully. The first most common initial problem for immigrants is Job. Most of the students are even unable to get odd jobs here. They spend plenty of time to apply but employers don't even reply. For jobs you need to complete many more requirements here. First after your arrival, apply TFN (Tax File Number) or ABN (Australian Business Number) on website. All employers need either of these. Other than this you may need driving license, vehicle, police checks, children checks etc. Depends what kind of job you are searching. e.g. For house cleaning jobs you need to apply for police checks. (Peter Mares [September 28, 2011]). Nearly all jobs need experience either its regarding house-cleaning job, working in restaurants or kitchen work. Students can work here for 20 hours per week but when he goes in the market, he finds nothing. However if he gets a job than also due to limited understanding or knowledge of workplace rights he gets minimum wages. Because of low pay, students work many hours over the legal