Consumer Behavour Essay

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Models of Consumer Behaviour



After reading this unit, you should be able to: • • • • identify the different levels of consumer decision-making explain the process of consumer decision-making differentiate between types of buyer decision behaviour describe the buyer behaviour with the help of an input, process, output model

Structure 9.1 Introduction 9.2 What Is a Decision? 9.3 Levels of Consumer Decisions 9.4 Process of Decision- Making 9.5 Types of Purchase Decision Behaviour 9.6 Stages in the Buyer Decision Process 9.7 Models of Buyer Behaviour 9.8 Summary 9.9 Key Words 9.10 Self-assessment Questions 9:11 Further Readings



In this unit we shall examine
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He will not like to spend much time in evaluating the various alternatives. The various brands of washing powder available in the market today are an excellent example of low level of differentiation with the consumer perceiving the different brands to be offering almost identical benefits. All the brands, such as Nirma, Vimal, Vijay, etc. look similar with identical packing and carry almost the same price tag. Till a few years ago, the two wheel scooter market in ,India was highly undifferentiated with Vespa and Lambretta offering almost identical scooter to the consumers in terms of basic features. But today the same market is highly differentiated. The consumers have a wide range of brands to choose from such as Kinetic-Honda, Lohia, Bajaj etc. each offering a variety of shapes, horse power and many other innovative features to choose from. A potential consumer of scooter would have to spend considerable time in evaluating each brand before he is in a position to make his decision. iii) Time Pressure: When you are under pressure to make a decision quickly, you cannot afford to spend a long time finding out about the various products or brands. You would probably buy whatever is readily available. While traveling in your car to a hill station your car tyre bursts and you