Consumer buying behaviour Essay

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Consumer buying behaviour Marketing

• Knowledge is power
• Most buying is repeat buying
• High-involvement decisions
• Low involvement decisions
• Naturally loyalty
• Loyal switchers
• Prosaic, not passionate,loyality
• The importance of memory
• Why do consumers forgot about us
• Emotional rational buyers
• conclusion

Knowledge is

• Marketing decisions based on knowing: Who buys? Where ? when? How much?

Most buying is repeat buying.
Because of
• Same category
• Repertoire
• Loyalty

Decisions for buying products

Low involvement • Consumer buying product for a first time( Nappies)
• A consumer have intense interest in the category ( like their hobby is learning about wines)
• Sometime poor decision have a substaintial consequences
( like buying a wine for a boss or a valuable client)

• Repeat buying involves in low involvement.
• Repeat purchasing for car brands is quite high.
• Some time low involvement cause problem like choosing the right product.

Natural loyalty
• Untaught phenomenon.
• liking and using the same product over the time.
Like:- Drinking of same brand alcohol Or Watching same series of channels everyday at same time.

Loyal Switchers.
• buying more products from same category and this will make them buy different brands.
• It is noticeable less frequently buy products have 100% loyalty ratios.
• Sometime people only buy a product from a brand after long period this will not be category of loyal switchers.

Prosaic, not passionate, Loyalty
• Consumers adopt brand loyalty as a