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Seth Ortega
March 10 2015
Mr. Villarreal
Career Paper
There are many career paths to choose growing up, but in time you have to condense your choices eventually, heading into college with an undecided major is alright, I am currently in that boat, yet I feel like my choosing time is upcoming. The major I am writing about is one of those that takes so much time in college, the estimated time a person graduates with this degree is ten to twelve years. Becoming a doctor has been a thought that popped into my head a couple times this year. I had a chance to talk to a distant relative, my uncle, Jack
Wagoner, I had time to ask him a few questions about his career as a general surgeon, all of the questions I had asked him were common questions, every answer had me more and more interested. I am choosing a general surgeon as a career because it interests me.
My uncle and I talked briefly about his career as a general surgeon. Why did you chose to become a general surgeon? I became a general surgeon because I enjoy my work, I like to help people, and help them recover from their past injuries, It also pays well. How long did you have to be in school for? I was in school for twelve years total, four at Southern Illinois
University, four at their med school, and another four at a surgical school in Muskegon
Michigan. Where do you currently work? I currently reside at Kishwaukee Community
Hospital. How many patients do you see a day? I see at least eight in a day, at most I see fifteen in a day, it is always different. Do you work