Essay on Consumer Protection and United States

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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Judy Sigona
September.21, 2014
Kevin Hagans

Our United States do have many laws that we intend further of balanced, the fair and the competitive of business practice. The laws that we typically put into effective to help control the measures that will ensure the business practice that we should all follow. Now if determining failure or success of this legislation or even the regulation we can somehow be the relative to the angle we are looking from. (An Antitrust Primer) With these different types of anti-trust laws we can be insured from the safeness from an unreasonable discrimination, the price, the trade, the unfair, and the anti-competitive practice of the businesses. Back in the 1890’s, Congress had enacted Sherman’s Antitrust Acts, which is the laws that designs to restore the competition. (Sherman Anti-Trust Act). This is a statement of
“On July 1890, 2 which it states, the outlaws will act on all the combinations, and all conspiracies, and all the contracts that are very unreasonably to restrain the foreign and the interstate trade. (Sherman Anti-Trust Act). All intention in the original Sherman Act of Antitrust would help to protect all of the consumers of the business that are big, and have been using the unscrupulous types of means to raise the prices of artificially, and intentionally producing just a few goods that will meet the consumer’s demands and this drive the products price and value up. United States department of Justice has to say, “That the principals of laws will be expressing the national our national commitments to a free market economy that it competitions from the free private type of governmental restraints that it leads to a best type of result for consumers. (U.S. Department of Justice).
Our government would have tried to keep the trade consumers and all the industries of safe from being the treating unfairly during the practice businesses. Now the Institute for the International Economics would have state that they would act on these types of things such as; “ That the acts of outlawed prices of discriminations that have given a certain type of buyers the advantages over the other; but forbids the agreements that the manufacturers would have selled only to the dealers that have agreed not only for sell or a rival from the products of the manufacturer’s. But it’s also prohibited for these types of merger of the different types of acts that would decrease in competitions. (Pitafsky, E.M. n.d.) Businesses and just also preventing unfairness. 2014 FDIC compliance manual of states that it would, “Help to prevent the business practice that would be unfair and anti-competitive, always deceptive with the consumers. This enhances and informe’s the consumers of the choice that was public understanding in a process of competitive; but it was an accomplish without the unduly burdening of the legitimate activity businesses. (pg.VII-1.2)”.
There isn’t anything against their law for all their employees to discriminate in, while in the part of the hiring process. This is the basis of races, the sex, the beliefs, or even the age. Our child labor laws are very generally prohibited but…