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Jordan Tyndall
Professor Nancy Ray
22 June 2015
Consumer Protection Assignment Boulder Dog Food Company is recalling 3-oz. bags of Chicken Sprinkles. The product many be contaminated with Salmonella. One complaint was received from a consumer who had contact with the product. The recall is limited to Chicken Sprinkles with a “Best By” date of “05/04/16”, Lot # “998” and a UPC Code of 899883001231. The product is packaged in a clear poly bag, with the UPC Code located in the lower right hand corner of the label on the front of the bag. The “Best By” date and Lot Number are on a label on the reverse side of the bag. The recalled product consists of 10 bags of Chicken Sprinkle that were distributed to 2 retail stores in Colorado, 1 retail store in Washington state, and 1 retail customer in Maryland. Eight of the 10 bags have been retrieved and the company says it believes the remaining 2 bags have been used or destroyed. Companies that sell this product in their stores may no longer carry it because of the issue at hand currently. People should be concerned with this issue because salmonella can cause you to become very ill. Recalling this product was the correct and honorable thing to do. Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets, a natural grocery chain based in Lakewood, CO, is recalling additional lots of Natural Grocers brand Macadamia Nuts for Salmonella contamination. This recall was initiated after the company was notified of positive Salmonella findings in product sampled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The recalled product is packaged in clear plastic bags with a Natural Grocers label. The product was distributed to 97 different stores in 17 various states. To date, the company said it has received no reports of illness. Consumers who may have purchased this product should return it to the store for credit or refund. Consumers should be wary of purchasing macadamia nuts from this company due to salmonella contamination. I am sure that many carriers of this product will not be renewing their contract when the time arises in order to assure the well-being of their customers. Making the public aware of these issues is the best way to solve and move past the dilemma. A specialty dog food company is voluntarily recalling a frozen product distributed in four states over fears of possible salmonella contamination. The Food & Drug Administration said last week that California-based OC Raw Dog has recalled its Turkey & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulation. The recalled formulations were packaged into 6½-pound Doggie Dozen Patties and 5-pound Bulk Bags with sell-by dates of Oct. 8. The products were