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To get started lets first define consumer psychology, it’s a social psychology concerned with the market behaviors of consumers. Consumer psychologists examine the preferences, customs, and habits of various consumer groups and their research on consumer attitudes is often used to help design advertising campaigns and to formulate new products. It’s what moves us try a product for the first time or buy product with due to influence.
In looking for a deeper understanding I found two Journal articles one focus on Nonconscious Consumer Psychology and the other on the psychology of brands. NonConscious Consumer psychology in the journal is referred to an automatic process that once set into motion, has no need of conscious intervention. The Idea of doing something and not being able to consciously stop yourself sounds pretty scary as a consumer, but these are the ideas I’m sure, every company wanting make a profit attempt to understand.
Psychology of Branding deals with as brand choice, purchase, or loyalty and also goes deeper in the underlying psychological constructs and processes that contribute to such outcomes. The Framework of branding is a consumer perceptions and judgments. In my journal article it discuss the frame work as having five brand-related processes: identifying, experiencing, integrating, signaling and connecting with the brand. All are used to group different targets and understanding of consumerisms.
Both of these play major role in companies today, as they attempting to evolve consumerisms to gain market share or increase profit margins from year to year. Both have to have a successful marketing communication message. In branding of course your message in best illustrated in the brand you mean to sell and how it is perceived and in Nonconscious Consumer Psychology there is fine