Consumerism: Childhood and Consumer Goods Essay

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Consumerism is a very important aspect in the life of each and every individual. Everyday, people who live in developed countries are faced with endless choices. These choices appear every where in advertisements through television and radio commercials, advertisements posted in public places, magazines, etc. Consumerism takes form in these advertisements that makes us seem imperfect. Their goal is to make us buy products to satisfy ourselves. Children are born into a world of consumerism, asking parents to buy them things just because they want it. Most of us are lured into consumerism one way or another. Consumerism begins early in life; in fact, it begins when a child is born. When a child is brought into this world, parents are …show more content…
It doesn’t matter how much these consumer goods cost, they must have it. The mass media uses celebrities to attract teenage girls to buy expensive products. The media creates this image by photographing celebrities wearing certain brand names. Eventually, it becomes a competition in school to see who has the newest consumer product. How useful a consumer product is, is not important at all. Girls want these consumer products just because. Dale (2005, p. 27) defines this in his book by stating, “[i]t’s tweens who need them because it’s those accoutrements and accessories that help the tweens communicate who they are not only to other people, but to themselves”. It doesn’t matter what subgroup a girl belongs to because the media will create an image for the girls’ interest. For teenage boys, there is the never ending new electronic gadget that they must have. Unlike teenage girls, boys want these gadgets because they think that they’re cool. It is true that boys also care about their image, but boys are more interested in electronic consumer goods. They spend time discussing new strategies to beat a level in a Playstation 3 game, while girls gossip about clothing, makeup, and hair. The mass media attracts boys to buy these consumer goods by improving features of the Playstation 2 into the new Playstation 3. What once required them to sit still and press buttons on a controller, now becomes a wireless