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Mohammad Sarwar Khan
Abrar Hafeez

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Mohammad Sarwar Khan

Mohammad Sarwar Khan received his bachelors degree in Law and Economics and, Diploma in Higher Education in Politics from the University of Central Lancashire in 1989. He is a member of
Lincoln’s Inn. Mr. Sarwar Khan specializes in corporate and commercial matters, regulatory laws, privatization, energy and power, Islamic banking, constitutional law,
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As the present review of legislation reveals, the treatment of the consumer in Pakistan varies from complete exclusion to only partial accommodation in the legislative scheme.
For example, in most cases there exists no procedure whereby the consumer may be able to lodge a complaint or have the consumers’ point of view represented adequately or at all during tariff or price determinations. Sometimes legislation does not take into consideration the evidential and financial burdens that render proceeding through the court improbable or prohibitive for the ordinary consumer. The consumer is therefore left vulnerable, in a disadvantaged position as against the supplier, who has greater access to information and resources. This compilation seeks to highlight the consumer aspects of legislation and the manner in which consumer rights are treated therein, and to comment from the consumer point of view.
In the earlier legislation there is no