Contact Lens: Study on the Consumer Buying Behavior Essays

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Contact Lens: Study on the Consumer Buying Behavior

Contents Executive Summary 3 Objective 3 Importance to business and marketing 3 Introduction 4 Types of contact lenses 4 Brands 5 Comparison with Spectacles and Lasik 5 Research Methodology 5 Insights from Secondary Research 6 Insights from Interview and Survey 6 Analysis 6 Hierarchy of Effects: ABC model 7 Consumer Involvement: High Involvement/Emotional 7 Looking Glass self 7 Intentional learning 7 Expectancy value model 8 The trio of needs 8 Conclusion 8 References 9 Appendix 9 Appendix 1 9

Executive Summary
Contact lenses have come a long way from an uncomfortable hard to use
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Disposable Contact Lenses
These are used for a specific period of time and are basically soft contact lenses. And are discarded more frequently compared to other varieties and thus have fewer chances of getting contaminated or infected. But at the same time if they are worn beyond a certain time, there is higher chances of getting eye infections
Few of other benefits are the convenience, the lucidity and comfort provided by the lens. They will help people who are allergic to contact lens solution or protein deposits as these are discarded before deposits are allowed to infect the eye. These advantages come at a higher price compared to the conventional varieties.
Majority of the global market share is held by US brands. The most prominent among them are Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb , Acuvue, CooperVision. Bauch & Lomb has been a market leader for quite some time. Some of the other brands such as Menicon are also coming up with new variants to capture a market share. The increasing competition has resulted in companies going that extra mile and bringing out new products which would help people who couldn’t wear before because of medical reasons.
Comparison with Spectacles and Lasik
A general comparison of contact lens with spectacles and lasik treatment will help us in understanding the differences in utility that each of them